3 Things To Improve Your Website

My guess is that you probably clicked on or followed this link because you were expecting to see a list of 3 amazing ideas that could revolutionize your website.

The number 3 seems very attainable. If the title had been 7 Things… Or 10 Things… you may have still clicked, but may have taken a deep breath before doing so.

Here’s the thing, though. I’m not going to give you the three things. You know why?

Because you already know what they are!

This isn’t an article about what you need to do, but rather that you need to do.

Right now, take out a piece of paper and something to write with and write down the first three things that come to your mind that YOU think you need to do to improve your site.

Writing it instead of typing it will serve you better.

Okay, got ’em? Good.

Now, go with that. Yeah, you may need to tweak or get some input from a trusted colleague, but the point is…

You know what your website needs better than an expert that’s never even seen your site!

If your 3 things were
1 – I have no idea
2 – I need somebody to take a look at my site
3 – I’d better call Steve
Then I’m okay with that. The main thing is that you’re aware, and you…


I’ll be waiting for your call…

1 thought on “3 Things To Improve Your Website”

  1. Steve, great post. You are right–we know more than we actually take action on. And often the reason is we complicate things or try to do too much at once. Your “take three things” and work on them is good advice!

    I look forward to more posts from you!

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