I started Fan Reach Academy™ because I wanted to share the game changing secrets I’ve been learning with my fellow musician friends.

Like most musicians, I was very excited when I released my first CD. I told everybody I could about it. I was disappointed, though, by the lack of response I got.

A few years later I began to book gigs. I was disappointed again to see only a handful of friends come out to support my shows. When I played a show to a whopping crowd of one fan, I thought maybe it was time to give it all up.

Everybody would tell me that they loved my playing. So, I didn’t think it was because my performances. Turns out what I was lacking was a marketing strategy. I thought all marketers were scammers, so I stayed away from it. I thought it was overrated. Wow, was I wrong!

After studying with one of world’s top marketing experts, I realized there is hope after all! I experienced a major paradigm shift when it to marketing music online. I discovered things that just blew my mind, and I thought, everybody needs to know this!

Thus, Fan Reach Academy™ was born!