Case Study: Website Analysis

Website of Professional Corporate and Life Coach Alan Allard, Ph.D. Benefits from Website Analysis.

Some of the changes that I made to Alan Allard’s already well-established web presence were subtle. Others were not so subtle. Some were under-the-hood and not noticeable to the website visitors.

Check Point: Navigation

Navigation is one of the fundamental key elements of every website. Not only does it need to function, but it needs to flow. Alan had accumulated a bunch of links that were not well organized and were actually mucking up the aesthetic design of his site. Navigation was also inconsistent from place to place on the site. Together these conditions were making his site confusing to navigate and creating a situation that was challenging the site’s credibility. I cleaned up the navigation structure and organized it consistently, giving it an intuitive design.

Check Point: Contact Info

Another key element of any website is the contact information. It should always be easily accessible. To help facilitate this for Alan, I recreated the header of his web pages to prominently include his phone number. Though he did have contact information on several pages, he also needed to have a dedicated contact page and to have this contact page listed in his navigation, which I implemented for him.

Check Point: Valid Links

I was able to find and remove a link on Alan’s site that was no longer valid, as the site that it linked to was no longer available. This happens quite often.

Check Point: Visual Direction

Everyone operates differently. Some are readers. Some are scanners looking for visual cues. I developed images for the home page to help direct those who like to scan and be led by large buttons.

Check Point: Social Connectivity

In today’s internet landscape, social connectivity rules. Your website needs to have the ability for folks to connect through social media. I set up a section on his site to display connections to his Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Check Point: Logo

I didn’t need to do much with Alan’s logo, but I did rework his image. It was a subtle change, but I felt like he was blending in too much and not standing out.


Any of these elements can easily be overlooked, which is why a website analysis by Pederson Web Design can be such a beneficial part of improving your website!