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Sometimes just a little help is all you need. You have questions. Why waste hours trying to figure out what the answer is? Why not contact me and get your questions answered?

I am available for consultation. To start the consultation process, please fill out the form below and describe your situation and needs. You’ll receive an email response with the appropriate action to take.

My hourly rate for consultation is $97.

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[tab title=”Website Analysis”]

In-depth Website Analysis:
How to transform your website into a
fan-base building,
download exploding,
fame and fortune expanding sensation!

Get more details here.


[tab title=”Coaching”]

Let’s face it. Getting on top of your web marketing game is not an overnight endeavor. Sometimes you need more than just a tweak here and there.

Having an expert to coach you through the process is an invaluable service. Not only does it save you time and money in the long run, it instills incredible confidence.

Here’s the thing, though. It takes serious commitment.

I am available for coaching with select clients. Coaching sessions are held by phone or Skype in one-hour weekly sessions. Coaching requires at least a 3 month commitment and an up-front fee of $375 to start.

To apply for coaching, please fill out this form.

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[tab title=”Web Design”]

We should all focus on what we’re good at, right? You’re good at music. Even if you have a knack for technology, web design is a deep well. It takes understanding the technical, aesthetic and marketing aspects of design – just to name a few.

The more time you spend on developing your website, the less time you have to dedicate to your music. Plus, it can take a lot more time than you think.

Consider having me develop your site for you. I’ll get it done quickly and excellently the first time around.

Website design starts at just $1197.

Contact me via the contact form below to let me know how I can help you.

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[tab title=”Rock Star Package”]

When it comes to your online presence, there are several factors that need to have in place to make it work. You need a website. You need an email marketing strategy. You need social media savvy. You need HELP!

The Beatles were right. You need somebody. Not just anybody.

This is where hiring me to help with your entire online marketing plan makes sense. I call this the Rock Star Package.

In the Rock Star Package you get

  • Your own website designed, or redesigned, by me.
  • 3 months of one-on-one online marketing coaching
  • A Free copy of my book The Musician’s Guide to Email Marketing

This package is essentially priceless. If I were to put a monetary value on it, it would be worth well over $5000.

I offer this package for only $1797! (You can break this up in to 3 payments)

Contact me when you’re ready to ROCK your online presence with the  Rock Star Package.

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