How to Enlist Email Foot Soldiers

Don’t even get me started on littering, okay? I don’t know what it is about people who litter, but they absolutely drive me up a freakin’ wall!

It’s like the ultimate expression of laziness, apathy and brazen rebellion.

When I see someone litter, I can’t help but raise my voice and tell them to pick up their trash. Oh, yeah. I’m not messin’ around when it comes to keeping mother earth tidy.

You may be wondering what this has to do with marketing yourself online or anything musical for that matter.

Well, let me spell it out for you.

I am PASSIONATE about it!!!

I get worked up about it!

I don’t even know why that is. I don’t really care why that is. It’s who I am, and I need to express it.

Does that sound familiar?

It should if you’re a musician.

Listen, we’re all passionate about our music. But, we’re also passionate about other things as well.

Often times, like mother earth, these things don’t have their own voice. They need someone to speak up for them.

That’s where you come in. You have a voice. People are listening to you. You can be an advocate on behalf of someone or something that needs you to step up and speak out.

Through your music you can create public consciousness. You can change the collective conscious of the world through your music.

And, through your email list, you can muster an army of foot soldiers to get out and spread the word for you.

This is how to enlist email foot soldiers –

  • You get fired up about something that’s bigger than you and your music career.
  • You build an email list of loyal fans.
  • You communicate your passion with your fans. This gets them fired up as well.
  • You instruct them how they can specifically take action locally.
  • You sound the rams horn and let ’em loose!

In the words of that dear sweet lady Joan Baez, We Shall Overcome!

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