How to Spot a Phony

I am no movie critic, but I know how to spot a phony when I see one.

This past Friday night I went with my wife to see the movie Man of Steel. I have to say, I wasn’t really all that impressed. I mean, I didn’t hate the movie, but I didn’t find it all that interesting either. It was like, “Eh, I could take it or leave it.”

I thought, man, there was a lot of destruction in that movie, a lot of special effects, but not much story. It seemed kinda shallow to me. It might appeal to kids who are into that kind of stuff, but not me.

Now, I remember seeing Superman The Movie with Christopher Reeve back in 1978. Now THAT was a movie. Well, of course, I was 10 years old at the time. I remember the sinister Lex Luthor, Superman visiting the cave of ice crystals, and, no his Kryptonite father didn’t keep appearing all throughout the movie to help. I also remember Superman zooming off into orbit around the earth so fast he could go back in time to save Lois Lane. So cool.

I mean, that was really quality entertainment.

Was everything better in the 70s?

They even made a TV series about it – That 70s Show. Not a That 60s Show or That 80s Show

Man, the 70s were RAW.

Those were the days when bands were made of musicians who could play musical instruments and singers could sing and sound incredible without the help of AutoTune.

The studio captured who you were in the moment.

Well, we have some pretty amazing technology today. With it we can create a lot of mayhem, destruction and special effects. With the technology to make great sounding recordings available to so many now, how will an artist stand out?

The paradigm of music distribution is new, and that’s nothing new. Getting a handle on it is the challenge of today’s marketing musician.

But there are things that are tried and true that will never go out of style. Those are relationships and stories. If you have no relationships, and you have no real story, the only thing you can do is fool people with lots of special effects and hype.

Here’s to nurturing relationships with great worthwhile stories, and here’s to your success.


Steve Pederson

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