How to Test Your Site for Accessibility

As I grow older I find that I am having to squint more and more to see text clearly on my computer screen.

Actually, what I usually end up doing is pressing command-(+) over and over again to make the font size much larger so that I can read it comfortably. I don’t wear glasses or contacts, and I would consider myself to be functioning at a “normal” level for someone my age.

It did get me thinking, though, about what some people must have to do in order to be able to access a web page.

If you think the content on your website is at all important, then accessibility should be a consideration for you as well.

Test Your Site

I discovered a really rockin’ website that will show you what your website will look like to someone who uses the Lynx text-only browser.

Note: If you want to use this site-testing service, you will need access to your server to upload a blank HTML file.

Visit the site here.

If you rely heavily on images only to get your message across, you will find your site seriously lacking. This is important, because it’s not only the people that use text-only browsers that are at a disadvantage, but so will be your search engine rankings. Google cannot search and index text that doesn’t exist.

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  1. Good points Steve and all outside of my expertise. That’s why I have someone taking care of these types of things for my wordpress site–in this case, you. There are plenty of things I can do on my own in managing the website, but not everything.

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