Tiamo.SquareFeatured Client: Tiamo De Vettori

Tiamo De Vettori is a Musician, Keynote Speaker, Coach and Brilliant Entrepreneur. I have had the honor of helping Tiamo with several of his website projects on an on-going basis.

Because of the nature of his business, not all of his pages are active all the time. I help him with his sales pages, product launch pages, JV campaign pages, membership site and more.

Currently active is his MusicPreneur Academy website where we ran a video roll-out campaign.
You can visit the site here.

Here’s what Tiamo has to say about working with me…

Because my websites are the pillars of my business for growing my email lists, running launch campaigns, and selling my products, I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to have Steve as my go to website expert. Continue reading…

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