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If you’re a musician who is looking for ways to increase your fan reach and gain more income from selling your music online, look no further. The information I’m about to reveal to you in this free report will be critical to your success in these areas.

In this report I am going to explain to you what only a few musicians have discovered. I will show you what they are doing that enables them to have an edge. I will reveal how to have an ongoing, profitable, impacting and rewarding relationship with your fans.

You’re about to discover a game-changing secret. If more musicians had access to this, there would be less whining and complaining about how tough the music business is.

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It really can be fun and rewarding…if you do it right.


Hi, my name is Steve Pederson, and I’m a musician. A guitarist, specifically.

After I produced my first classical guitar meditation CD, Au Naturale, I put it up for sale on iTunes and on my website.


It didn’t sell nearly as well as I had hoped. The few people that heard it raved about how great it was, so I knew that it wasn’t because the music wasn’t good.

Unfortunately, I eventually had to take it down off of iTunes because it just wasn’t selling anymore. What a sad day that was.

But then I was shown this one amazingly simple trick. It breathed new life and new hope into my dreams of reaching more people with my music.

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It was my big “Aha!” moment, and I’m excited to share it with you.


But before I do, let me explain why this little secret remains hidden and how I discovered it.

You see, there are plenty of avenues out there for musicians to try to market themselves online. There are websites like Hostbaby and BandZoogle that cater to musicians who need a website.

There are also sites that are free to join like MySpace, SoundCloud and ReverbNation that allow you to create a page and host your music.

Some of these websites also offer you a way to stay in touch with your fans with some type of newsletter.

While these websites are helpful to some degree, and I’ve used nearly all of them myself, there’s something very important that none of them are telling you. If they did, they’d lose your business and traffic to their sites. They’re just not set up to handle this.

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So what is the big secret these online marketing sites are hiding from you?


Well, I’ll tell you. Let’s set the stage.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you just recorded a single, and naturally you’re very proud of it. You can’t wait to get it up on iTunes and start selling it to the anticipating masses.

What is the last thing in the world you would think of doing with that song?


What??? Are you CRAZY???!!!

As it turns out, I might not be so crazy after all.

This strategy is working brilliantly for one such band…Delta Spirit.

When you visit their website home page, one of the first things you see at the top of the page is an invitation to download a free song.

When you click on the button to download the free song, it turns into a form where you need to enter your email address. Brilliant!

Other artists, like Joe Bonamassa, are doing this as well. Joe has a very aggressive campaign to give songs away for free. Maybe you’ve seen some of his ads on facebook.

On Joe’s website home page there are currently at least 3 links to download a free song. Guess what. Each of these links takes you to a different page offering a different song!

Why are these guys giving away so much free music?

They are giving their music away because they want something much more valuable than the 99 cents they could charge for that song.

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They want your email address!


Well, why is that so important, and if he wants it so bad, why doesn’t he just ask for it?

That’s a great question. Why doesn’t he just ask for it?

You mean, why doesn’t he, like so many musicians, just put a signup form on his website that says, “Sign up for my free newsletter” or “Subscribe to receive the latest updates”?

Because that’s BORING!

There’s nothing to grab on to there. There’s no real clear benefit promised there. Signing up to receive updates does nothing for me right now.

What does music do for you? It brings you pleasure. You bet I want some of that – especially if it’s free! You bet I’ll give you my email address in exchange for some free music – even though I may never even listen to it!

What kind of pleasure does being on somebody’s email list bring to you? None, that I can think of. In fact, just the opposite. I tend to think the last thing I need is to be on another email list.

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So, I’ve just revealed the first two parts of the secret: that getting your fans’ email address is of prime importance and that making an irresistible offer to get it is essential.

You could probably go away right now having learned some valuable stuff, but wait! There’s one more vitally important detail.

Where you keep your fans’ email address and what you do with it next is absolutely crucial, and this is what the other online marketing sites don’t want you to figure out.

To really communicate effectively with your fans in a way that will create increased fan loyalty, income and do it all reliably and effortlessly, you need some special tools that these sites don’t offer.

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You see, having an amazing website does you absolutely no good if you don’t have the ability to do this one important thing.


I’m talking about setting up a series of emails that you can set up in advance. I’m not talking about just sending out one email to say “Thank You” once someone has joined your list. I’m talking about having ongoing communication with your fans, for as long as you want, without lifting a finger!

Imagine, being able to focus on what you truly love to do, while your fans continually receive emails from you without you even having to press send!

How does one accomplish this miracle task you may ask?

Well, I’d love to tell you.

In order to describe it to you in the best way possible, I’ve written down all the details in a book I call The Musicians Guide to Building an Email List – How to Fill Shows and Sell Songs in 3 Simple Clicks.




In this book I describe

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  • The best way to set up forms to capture potential fans’ email addresses
  • How to set up automated communication
  • How to write great emails with killer content that helps you focus on building rapport with your fans
  • How to care for your fan list
  • Technical and Legal Considerations


Insider knowledge like this, combined with the results music artists like you are enjoying by using these strategies make this a must-read for any artist who is serious about growing their fan and income base.

You don’t have to worry if you have no technical skills whatsoever. This is written with the complete beginner in mind.

Stop scratching your head and wondering why you’re not getting the kind of results you’ve hoped for! Instead, you could be quickly on your way to reaping the rewards of masterful fan communication, care and cultivation.

I wish I had access to this priceless information years ago. I can’t imagine the fans and potential income I could’ve generated by now. I would’ve easily paid $100 or more for this kind of information.

I sell the book on Amazon for only $24.99, but since you’ve taken the time to read this special report, I know you’re serious. And, because I know you’re serious about wanting to take your musical impact to a new level, I’m going to slash $10 off the Amazon price and let you download the ebook for just $14.99 if you act now.

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