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Screenshot-TJCM[/half] [half flow=”end”]Tina Jenkins Crawley Music

Redesigned on the WordPress platform, Tina’s site is now set up to accommodate one of her most important goals – capturing email addresses of new fans.

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Vessel[/half] [half flow=”end”]Vessel – Class is in Session

I created this website to teach do-it-yourself musicians how to create their own website. The band is not real, but the lessons I teach are powerful. As I created this website I recorded and narrated the development process. With these highly informative tutorials, musicians are led through all the steps of creating their own unique and amazing website. These tutorial videos will be available very soon. To get on the “Anticipation List” you can sign up here.  

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stevePedersonScreenshot[/half] [half flow=”end”]

Steve Pederson – Set Up for Success

By harnessing the power of WordPress and a WordPress Theme designed specifically for musicians, I was able to create a website for my own musical projects. Furthermore, I was able to do so in such a way as to feel proud of my online presence. With the responsive design of this theme, my site even looks amazing on small mobile devices. Even more important, I was able to set in motion powerful marketing strategies to get my music heard and build a loyal fan base.

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“Because of Steve’s creativity and reliability I have felt confident in having him as my web designer for nearly a decade.” – Stann Champion, RootsRockSociety[/half] [half flow=”end”]

RootsRockSociety – Email Subscriber List Takes Off!

RootsRockSociety has been a client of mine for nearly 10 years. Stann Champion, the founder of the band, has always been very generous. For years he has given away free downloads from his website. He has also been slowly building an email list of fans. Recently, I combined these two powerful marketing strategies into one. Now, the free downloads are set up to be an incentive for joining his email list. Since that has been set up, Stann’s email list has been exploding!

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  • Eliminate “hidden” killers that are decimating your site
  • Add hundreds or even thousands dollars to your bottom line
  • Bring greater recognition your band or musical act


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  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Save Time and Money
  • Ensure Outstanding Results


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