What’s Working in Your Emails?

In preparation for the new RED 2 movie coming out July 19th, my wife and I watched the first RED movie last night.

Sometimes I wonder, when they make a follow up movie, if they knew they were going to do that when they created the original.

Or, do they just wait for the numbers? If the numbers are good, it must mean that people really liked the movie. Maybe they liked it enough that they want more!

That kind of thinking has implications for your email marketing strategy as well.

Do you know what’s working in your emails? When you send out an email, do you look at the numbers? Do you watch and see how many people opened it up? If you have links in your email, do you look and see how many people clicked on those links?

Can you imagine someone making a movie and then not paying attention to how many people showed up? If they didn’t, you know what they would miss out on? They’d miss out on valuable information telling them what’s working and what isn’t.

What if they paid no attention to how the movie did at the box office? What if they just decided to make a part deux without knowing that the first movie tanked? Bad decision, right?

What if they made a blockbuster, but didn’t really know about it? As a result, they left millions on the table in follow up opportunities?

Knowing the numbers will help you make smart decisions in your on-going email efforts. Be wise and analyze the numbers.

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